Trade Enquiries & Insurance Programs

Quality Services & Trades, Superior Customer Service, Communication & Transparency

At Emergency Trade Services, we work with most major insurance companies to co-ordinate and manage your claims.

What We Do For You:

Efficiency, Cost-Saving & Transparency Throughout.

trade-partnerQuality Services, trades and customer care to provide you with full transparency throughout your jobs’ processes.  Whether it’s an emergency repair, report or advice you need, ETS give you centralized communications and project management from 1 point of access.

As a trade partner or insurance company, we offer online personalized access to all your jobs and projects from one easy to manage portal. This enables efficiency for all your jobs, time saving and transparency.

All the things needed to deliver a quality service where your customers’ needs are met.

We guarantee to provide you with expert friendly service, with no additional margins; so you save money by going direct.

insurance-claim-formsOur unique ability to co-ordinate and deliver multiple specialty trades and services in a timely and efficient manner is something rare in the industry.  With years of combined experience in each field, plus a background in insurance and strata contracts, the ETS team offers you centralized management of all jobs efficiently through your personalized portal access.

From the moment you contact us, to the completion of your project, our team’s focus is to understand your needs, and deliver on your expectations.

“For top quality services and complete visibility for your job, Emergency Trade Services have got you covered”

Insurance claims, Corporate or Strata requirements can all be covered from our range of trades and services.

Contact us today to discuss the possibility of working together to offer Australia an unmatched service in trades and services. Contact Emergency Trade Services on 1300 755 455 or simply email at