Pool Maintenance, Repairs and Testing

Pool Maintenance, Repairs and Testing

With access to the latest technology available, ETS is ready and equipped to take care of your backyard or commercial pool needs.

Pool Maintenance, Repairs and TestingOur services include:

  • Green Pool Cleaning
  • General, Regular & Holiday service
  • Insurance and weather disasters
  • Safety and fencing inspections
  • Comprehensive reporting

ETS has more than 300 mobile pool and spa service technicians across Australia, giving you access to all our pool maintenance services. Our accredited pool technicians can quickly diagnose water quality issues to find the most effective solution to ensure your pool is crystal clear all year round, or in time for those crucial summer days.

Repairs and replacement of faulty of equipment can be done on the spot or taken back to the workshop for repairs if further diagnostic testing is required.

ETS can fix green, black or brown pools, all levels of mould and get your pool sparkling again after those PH altering weather disasters.

What we offer:

Green pool cleaning – Green pools not only look bad, but are also full of harmful bacteria that can damage your pool equipment, lay dormant even if it looks clear again and be harmful to those who use it. We can protect your friends and family and your pool’s health and have it sparkling again in no time!

Insurance and weather disasters – Storms, floods or fire damage can cause damage to your pool. With experience in dealing with insurance companies our team will ensure you get the best possible outcome and what your entitled to, and make sure your investment gets only the highest quality of care.

Commercial & real estate – With experience with maintaining large public pools and spas, no pool is too big or small.

Pool care 101 – Even if you just want to know the basics we can assist. Teaching you how to keep your pool healthy and safe.

General, regular & holiday service – While you’re relaxing on holidays, or just living a busy life let us take care of your pool all year-round.

Safety & fencing inspections – Our technicians are fluent in the latest legislation and can make sure your pool is compliant with all current safety laws and legislation. Making sure your pool area is safe for all to use.

Pool Maintenance

Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. For a hassle free claim or project management, Contact Emergency Trade Services on 1300 755 455 or simply email at admin@emergencytradeservices.com.au.